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Wealth Preservation

Our aim is to preserve your accumulated wealth and, with the assistance of other specialists, to make certain that it is distributed to those you choose to receive it. We will recommend a bespoke solution that suits your circumstances and matches your needs. One of the most popular ways is by making use of Trusts. There are other options available if a Trust is not suitable.


Quite simply, a Trust is a box that you can place your assets into in order to protect your estate or your intended beneficiaries from the threats of probate costs, divorce or bankruptcy of your beneficiaries, remarriage, Inheritance Tax, sideways disinheritance, and in some cases it may help mitigate the cost of Long Term Care.

Inheritance Planning

Planning ahead for when you die not only makes it clear who should get what from your estate, it also can save the people you care about having to pay more tax on their inheritance than is necessary.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is paid on an estate when somebody dies, and it's also sometimes payable on Trusts or gifts made during someone's lifetime. However, many estates pay Inheritance Tax that, with our careful planning and expert advice, could have been reduced or avoided


Making a Will is the first step to ensuring that your estate is shared out exactly as you want it to be when you die. Lodging it somewhere safe and being sure people know where to find it is the next step.